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I am being held in a cold, dark place. My captors say that the only way to get free is to promote people on devart whom I think are cool. I am tired and I want to go home. All they have to eat here is vegemite and nutella, but nothing to put them on.
Torgo is complete!

I am going to eat chocolate-twizzlers in the shower like a true American!
With the additon of Droppo, I am @40 MSTIES. Its going pretty well, and have decided for the #50 milestone I shall do the much requested MANOS addition.

bUt wHiCh ChArAcTeR WiLl i ChOoSe?
Katie is making me watch Mega Piranha. : (
There is almost no point in maintaining a shower-cycle in the summer. You get what 3 hours of clean-time? Why bother?
Im sipping some piping hot French roast, listening to the animal crossing soundtrack, and lovingly drawing the details of Reb Brown's pecs.

Who -does- this?
There was a perfectly good ferry boat that traveled from Dunedin to Caladesi island. I could have been on it. But there I was with a 30 dollar K-Mart raft and my flip-flops, paddling ever so slowly from Clearwater northeast to the mysterious island. The water was deep and green and cold enough to let me know it was deep, and I sunk down into this cheapass raft so much I was below sea-level. I felt a kind of vulnerable anti-claustrophobia (Is there such a malady?) I can't describe.

The actual oaring was strenuous, and it was abour 98 degrees, but I had gotten the hang of it was about a half-mile out into open, still water when SOMETHING bumped me from the rear. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't sharp, and "gave" a little bit making me think it was rounded. It could have been flotsam, but... I couldn't see what it was; nor force myself to lean over the side just in time to see a mako or tiger or dinichthys. I just froze for a long while and tried not to act like anything on a shark's menu.

I finally arrived on Caladesi and it was very pristine, though hard to appreciate in my state of dehydrated exhaustion. I was kind of expecting 200 species of brightly colored birds to be all standing still and facing sideways, like in nature books where everything is clearly organized. Nothing bumped into me on the voyage back and the wind was with me. All-in-all, pretty awesome aside from the sunburn. If I ever go again, I am getting a canoe with a nice firm hull.
Taking a break from the mst character barrage, because I am about 300 miles from my wacom tablet for a week or so. I shall resume as soon as I return! For the time being, I just discovered there is a SECRET ISLAND off the coast of Clearwater that I must explore.

"Caladesi" it is called! Apparently one can only get there by boat, which explains how I grew up there and had no idea it even existed. I only found out when doing wildlife research for an illustration project on Florida fauna.

Now, if only I had a boat (A gravy boat)...

Btw Phantasy Star Portable2 is the greatest thing I have played years.