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0706 Billy by FutureDami 0706 Billy by FutureDami
I kind of like this character "Billy" from the hit film Laserblast.


The problem I have with him is more the premise of the story, assuming it has one. A revenge fantasy works well if the character is really downtrodden and mistreated. We as the audience are right there with him and cheering as he metes out justice and all that crap.

Only... Billy doesn't have anything to avenge at all. He has a van, a girlfriend who was probably considered hot in the 70s, and the house all to himself as his wealthy mom goes on extended business trips.

So I think the laser/aliens thing was just as excuse for sociopath billy to have a violent tantrum. This would have happened eventually anyway.
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FreezingKaiju Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist
This fighter is also, definitely, ready for some FOOTBALL!
Dr-Syn Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
One could argue that  the laser blaster was warping his mind and that normally he probably wouldn't do this kind of stuff. We all harbor negative thoughts. The blaster might have been meant to condition it's wielder into the ideal soldier, at least for the alien race it was designed for. Humans likely wouldn't be wired the same so they become kill-crazy nutjobs as a result

Didnt really make sense at the beginning for the aliens to kill the previous wielder of the laser blaster and then just leave the blaster there

All I can guess is that those two aliens were booger-eating morons and that the leader who called them was bitching them out royal for forgetting to grab the damn thing.
Lizlovestoons12 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
"You're wrong, marijuana-breath!"
pytko3 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
He's never far from his trusty van.Giggle 
SharazDestler Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Kth-77 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student Filmographer
Wait, billy was the main character? And I thought the butt-pod aliens were the protagonists =P
Lecter-the-Werewolf Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You forgot to mention one of his moves is an illegal use of a Deezen :XD:
novectors Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
"this movie means two things to me: sheet cake and back-fat..."
Bladez636 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A fantastic depiction of a character from an otherwise cheesy movie....
FutureDami Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thanks! yeah I don't always like my poses but this one I think has pretty good motion
Bladez636 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It does - It has a pose that just tells you that Billy's "READY FOR SUM FOOTBALL"
Scream-mas Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
That...that's just a sign that said Star Wars!
Ah, reminding one of the movie Star Wars.
Pilar-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Professional Artist
"Somebody stop me!"
fuXorZ Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
I love this pic. It makes me want to GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBAAAAAAAALL!
toonedfa Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011  Student General Artist
The sex scene is still to this day the funniest part of the movie
PiccoloSky Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
Ah, "Laserblast". A definitive mathematical/scientific proof that you can't trust movie critics.

"It's one of them automatic arm removers!"
halnarthax87 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
A greasy pop-eyed performance every bit as good as F. Murray Abraham's tortured performance as Salieri in Amadeus... according to Leonard Maltin.
SoupNaziMark2 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
I think Maltin gets paid by the vocabulary word and star given.
GilmourApatosaur Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Coincidental thing about the riffs comparing him to Mark Hamill. The same year this movie came out, the actor who played Billy also starred in another bad B-Movie where he faces off against Hamill.
jsparrow4 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
The stop motion aliens were the best part of the movie ha ha.

"Those humans and their puny butt pods fell off years ago."
BlakerOats Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think we're suppose to like him because he has a van.
SamTheMightyMan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
I remember watching this and figuring out what the monster of the movie was.

Its a teenage were-laser/zombie flick

You will never see that made in hollywood again
Emmacabre Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I swear, I thought that was Mark Hamill the first time I saw it. But Mark's too good for that.
paxtofettel Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
I know someone beat me to it but to heck with it: I'm guessing Billy's getting eady for some FOOTBAAALLLLL!!!!!
punisherfan1138 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
Yeah Billy was only downtrodden and mistreated in the way most teenagers assume they are. "My parents are so cruel! They wouldn't let me get in the back of that strangers smelly van to buy drugs! I should call child protective services!"
PracticalDemon Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
A surprising number of those movies of random-guy-turned-monster feature a main character named Paul. Apparently something about that name just screams bad make-up effects and brutalizing women to screenwriters.
FutureDami Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
PAUL is not PAUL anymore!
ArchiCrash Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
He looks like he's Ready For Some Footbaaaaall!

Eh, that movie isn't so much a revenge-movie so much as it is a monster-movie. Like Werewolf, Track of the Moon Beast, or so many others. A random somewhat-likable guy gets turned into a monster, kills people, and, tragically (so we're expected to feel) has to get put down. Although in this case, he was put down by shell-less alien lizard things, which was certainly a different sort of twist.....
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