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Geba - 306 by FutureDami
Geba - 306
In the Time of the Apes, there is no more lethal a force than police chief Geba. Hellbent on revenge of the murder of his ape wife and ape child, Geba lashes out at anything that obstructs him. Taking ape law in his own prehensile hands, he is ready to fling some crap at the cruel fate which seems to mock him.

In gameplay terms, Geba is a mid-range tactical controller. Most of his attacks are from his terrifying laser-whip, which can stun opponents into submission. He also carries a Goodall 537 pistol, but with limited rounds. Geba can also call for backup with a sharp whistle that sends a legion of comic-relief police-apes with all the skill and accuracy of devolved storm troopers. 

An exciting addition to Geba in patch 3.1 is the feral-form which activates when Geba is below 20% health. When activated, Geba reverts to a primal combat form, doffing his uniform and dazzling opponents with his magnificent red butt.
Omega - 211 by FutureDami
Omega - 211
Omega, pronounced Oh-mee-gar for some reason, is an automation known mainly for being aboard the First Spaceship on Venus. Though it tore the Turing test a new one, Omega was not intelligent enough to advance past the first round of MSTBeatdown. Such is the price for not having operable arms.

Blaming it's humiliating loss on design flaws and faulty maintenance, Omega cursed the very springs it was made of. The clouds parted, and with an unholy flash, Omega was visited by the dark sprite Coily. Though he planned on admonishing the robot, Coily found himself filled with pathos for the defeated appliance. A pact was formed.

Now Omega and Coily have joined forces and re-enter the Beatdown to rain steely death on fleshlings and the non-springed. In combat, they function as a dangerous wobuffet punching bag: seldom initiating a blow, but always doubling or even quadrupling damage received. Coily can also send out powerful magnetic waves that disable any nearby springs, functioning as an E.M.P. that disrupts enemy attacks and navigation.
Lt. Bradley - 104 by FutureDami
Lt. Bradley - 104
Highly trained tactical comic relief Lt. Bradley was chosen from an elite task force of vaudevillian star-engineers.

Surprisingly powerful, Bradley's long winded stories will wear down an opponent long before any of his martial arts attacks do.


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KojinkaLuigiGodzilla Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your MST3K work!  your style just seems work so well.
FutureDami Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
DarthGojira Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
I loved all your MST3k character drawings, so I couldn't narrow it down to just one favorite :)
FutureDami Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
The-Vile-Cortex Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
I had a real treat yesterday when MST3K had a few episodes on Netflix. I managed to see Gamera, which was a surprising snooze even with commentary; The Touch of Satan, which made me want to see "A Touch of Satin" instead; Pod People, a Lernaean Hydra of movies; and The Final Sacrifice, the worst cocktail of rural Canada and D&D you could ever taste. It was great to finally see some of these. I need to find a reliable source of episodes sometime.
CrimsonImpulse Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Here's a few characters you could add to your "MSTies" roster... the three leads of "The Magic Sword!"

LODAC(Basil Rathbone)- another spellcaster like Merlin, but less senile and more old-school menacing ham. Formidable in battle, but take his ring away from him and he's a pushover.

SIR GEORGE(Gary Lockwood)- A young, brash knight, George charges into battle with enchanted armor and weapons, the foremost being his sword, Ascalon. Also can call upon his magical horse Bayard and the six knights he freed from a magical stone prison to aid him in battle.

SYBIL(Estelle Winwood)- A bit of a joke-character- this far-seeing sorceress means well, but sometimes botches her spellcasting... which can spell doom for George and his knights if she's not careful. But she's got a two-headed brown-noser and a loyal chimp (is it BJ, or The Bear?) to help her when she needs it.

As Joel would say- "Whattaya think, sir?"
Tainted-Coil Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is kickass. Love it all.
DarthRidiculous Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
If you ever decide to add more to the MST3K roster (which should seriously be a game and I would seriously spend $60 on it), here are some ideas. I'm just adding my "I love your work and wish to see more", same as everyone else.

-Kitten with a Whip (from the same). While the "Kevin Murphey" version is acceptable, it would be interesting to see the lead actress dress up similarly.
-Bavarro (from "Crash of the Moons"). For those times when you want to send your enemies a Banner-gram.
-Jan in the Pan (The Brain that Wouldn't Die). She could be carried around by that disfigured creature.
-Jack Perkins (various). Those teeth. My God, those teeth.
-Coily (A case of spring fever). NO SPRINGS!!!!!
-Paul Niles (Werewolf). Either him or hair-changing Yuri. Actually, a character who has the power to change their hair would be awesome AND useless.
-Griffin or Cherokee Jack (Red Zone Cuba). NIGHT TRAAAAAAAAAAAIN! Sometimes, it takes a Curly.
-Commander Cody (various shorts). A "flying" character who can't stop tweaking his nipples.
-Leonard Maltin (Gorgo)
-Aztec Mummy (Robot vs. Aztec mummy)
-"Hai-kiba" (Women from the prehistoric planet) I forgot this character's name, but it would be blasphemous if he didn't make SOME appearance.
-Katrina Corelli or Lakopolous (Catalina capers). AKA "The Creepy Girl".
-Ator (Cave dwellers). I know you already have Zor. But wouldn't it be cool if Ator could fly, throw bombs, wield mirrors--I mean, shields, and heal wounds?
-fu manchu. Three words: Christopher Freaking Lee.
-killer shrews (same)
-Hercules (various). His weakness? Sandstorm.
-secret agent super dragon (same). I envision a counter to Diabolik.
-Bix Dugan/big stupid (forgot which film he was in)
-Mitchell (same). I can already see him fighting Hair-onimo.
-mixed-up zombies (same)
-Spider-Gary (Horrors of spider island)
RomanJones Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The MST3K Beatdown saved my life. It is the greatest thing anyone could have ever seen and the world has been significantly improved with it.
BAMikeyD Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
Found your page because of F*ckyeahMST3K tumblr! You rock, keep on keeping on, and keep on being awesome.
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